Space for great adventures

Our widest shoulder bag, the Venture Sling 9L, has room to carry an extra sweater, or a Nintendo Switch™, or a couple bottles of wine, or... well, you get the idea.


A new way to open and close

Its innovative zipper that opens from both ends creates a wide opening that allows you to take whatever you want from your shoulder bag without having to search.


Internal organization for the whole day

Carrying all your things together is not a good idea, that's why we have added several pockets to this shoulder bag: zippered, elastic, drop-down, lined. So you can keep everything separate and organized.


Ambidextrous access

The snaps on each side allow the strap to be removed and the zipper opens from side to side. So you can wear the shoulder bag on any side you want and you will always have access to its interior.


Expands when you need it

It carries in it what you need to go on a one-day route and it will expand thanks to a bellows. If you're just going for a walk around the neighborhood, it will reduce and stay slim.